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aluminium treat sheet

Thickness: 0.20mm¡ª1.0mm ;

 Usual Width:1200mm,1240mm,1270mm,1520mm,1570mm,others width: according to your requirements.

Usual Alloy: 1 series, 3series ,5 series ,  others alloy: according to your requirements.

       1) High impact resistance 

       2) easy for processing 

       3) High gloss 

       4) Variety colors 

       5) Good performance

Application:Our embossed color coated aluminium coil made with high quality paints, all performance

are up to or much higher than theGB stander. It is the best material used for roofing decoration, celling,

curtain wall,  Electronic devices and Home appliances. Aluminium as a building material is one of the

least susceptible to weather corrosion. Deju coated aluminium sheets combines base material durability

and the option of a wide range of colors available for selection.

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